Why Finance (And Other Departments) Should Make Use of Business Intelligence Tools

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on August 31,2021

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Your finance department, its valuable members, and their responsibilities are ever-evolving. If they aren’t, they should be for your company to keep up and gain a competitive advantage in the current climate of uncertainty and disruption. If you happen to be working in a finance department with outdated processes and inaccurate data, aiming for innovation might be a game-changer for your day-to-day work and your overall career.


Many companies rely heavily on ERP systems to get more insights and gather overall company knowledge. SAP Business One is one of them, and its capabilities can be powerful when combined with a Business Intelligence tool such as QuickStart for SAP B1.


Accuracy and Automation 

Using reporting tools is one part of the equation when getting accurate data quickly but combining said data with Business Intelligence allows you to create reports and dashboards that respond to your specific needs. This will allow your finance team to become more autonomous and uncover new time and money-saving insights. QuickStart for SAP B1 facilitates customizable automation with its E-Mail Report Scheduling and Bursted Report Capabilities. The NewIntelligence team has also developed additional modules for unique industry and company needs. QuickStart is easy to use and easy to learn with our accessible user training. Empowered finance users can optimize their work and move on to other, more complex, and lucrative projects.


QuickStart caters to financial professionals and offers Financial Reporting Applications such as G/L (General Ledger)P&L (Income Statement)Balance SheetTrial BalanceJournal Entries, and more. Read more information about QuickStart, detailed in our latest Whitepaper, “Compelling Reasons to Choose QuickStart for SAP B1”.


We also assist in many other facets of business, including operational needs with modules such as Quotations, Orders, Invoicing, Purchasing, CRM, A/R, A/P, Delivery, and more. 


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