New Module! If You Run A Service Department, You’ll Want to Read This.

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on February 02,2021

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If you  run a service department with SAP B1, you’ll want to read on!

If your company  handles RMA’s with repair and service calls, the newly released QuickStart Service Module is the perfect way to customize your SAP B1 data for better reporting and visibility on various aspects of your service department.

The Service module provides better visibility on which technicians are working on which RMA’s and the time and money each represents. Allowing you to see things summarized by technician, customer, salesperson, Item and calendar.  You can also look at it in a combination of these elements.

This powerful and customizable reporting tool allows you to view your SAB B1 data.

Get access to your service calls via many fields, like the RMA #, subject, serial number, who it’s assigned to, and more. Filtering by priority and status (open, closed, pending) will give your organization just the right visibility to make informed and important decisions.

As is the case for other QuickStart modules, you can customize reports to fit the needs of individuals, departments and deliver the right amount of concise information directly to their inboxes. You can even create interactive dashboards.

The reports can give great insight to technicians and managers on a daily operational basis, but the finance department can benefit from having a yearly overview of travel and service hour expenses.

Read more about the Service module in the Press Release.