The Future of Customer Analytics: QuickStart’s SAP B1 Module Demystified | Customer Status History

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on March 04,2024

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Have you ever found yourself struggling to track important customer metrics over time in SAP Business One? Wished there was an easier way to generate reports and dashboards that accurately reflect the customer journey? If so, you’re in luck! QuickStart has just released the Customer Status History module, a revolutionary tool that will transform how you use reporting and dashboarding capabilities in B1.

The Customer Status History module allows you to capture crucial customer data, giving you a comprehensive overview of customer interactions and account activity. With just a few clicks, you can visualize customer performance, identify opportunities or issues, and make more strategic decisions based on these insights.

Join us as we take a first look at this game-changing module and discover how it can revolutionize your reporting processes in SAP Business One.

Customer Status History: Let’s Dive In!

QuickStart for SAP Business One has introduced a groundbreaking module called Customer Status History, aimed at revolutionizing reporting and dashboarding processes within the platform.

Customer Status History – Model


Understanding Customer Statuses

The module categorizes customers into distinct statuses, each indicating specific interactions with the company:

  • New: Customers created within the last 90 days who have made an order.
  • Active: Consistently ordering customers.
  • Inactive: Customers who previously purchased but have stopped.
  • Omit: Irrelevant status excluded from reporting.

Customer Status History – Legend


Importance of Tracking Customer Statuses

Monitoring changes in customer statuses is pivotal as these alterations often indicate positive or negative trends in customer behavior. Early identification of changes in status can signify potential issues or red flags, such as significant customers shifting away, allowing for timely intervention.

Customer Status History – Pie Chart


Integration and Technical Implementation

This module seamlessly integrates with other systems like Salesforce, facilitating data integration and enabling cross-platform reporting. The technical implementation involves leveraging SQL databases and SAP tables to create and populate the Customer Status History table, ensuring comprehensive tracking of customer interactions.

Dashboarding and Reporting Capabilities

The crux of this module lies in its robust dashboarding and reporting features. It provides detailed visualization and tracking of customer status changes, empowering businesses to comprehend customer behavior patterns and derive actionable insights.

Customer Status History – Dashboard


Use Cases and Management Insights

The Customer Status History module facilitates constructive discussions between managers and sales representatives. It serves as a tool for analyzing customer trends, identifying potential issues, and devising strategies to retain customers and optimize sales performance.

Customer Status History – Line Graph


Future Development and Additional Modules

Beyond the Customer Status History module, QuickStart for SAP Business One hints at further advancements. Stay tuned for potential development of features such as return requests, campaign tracking, and other enhancements aimed at improving overall operational efficiency.


The introduction of the Customer Status History module represents a significant leap forward in reporting and dashboarding capabilities within SAP Business One. This innovative tool equips businesses with the means to better understand customer behaviors, make proactive decisions, and foster stronger customer relationships.

By closely monitoring changes in status, businesses can quickly identify potential issues or red flags and intervene in a timely manner.

The real power of this module lies in its robust dashboarding and reporting features, which offer detailed visualizations and tracking of customer status changes. This empowers businesses to not only understand customer behavior patterns but also derive valuable insights to improve their overall performance. Don’t just take our word for it – contact us today for a free demo of the Customer Status History module from QuickStart for SAP B1. See for yourself how this revolutionary module can benefit your business and take your reporting capabilities to new heights. Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!