QuickStart for SAP Business One and its’ ROI At-A-Glance.

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on December 31,2021

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Experienced leaders know that growth and advancement in their field and industry are often dependent on making improvements and learning from past challenges. These improvements can sometimes be achieved with new technology and software. Although a company’s intention is never to make a big investment without making use of their purchase, this can sometimes happen when they have the wrong solution, lack of training, and little to no user adoption.

Did you know that QuickStart works as an add-on to SAP Business One? That’s right! It is not just a reporting solution, but a reporting and dashboarding solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure seamlessly in order for you to get the most out of your data. So where does the ROI come in? First of all, QuickStart for SAP B1 can be installed and deployed in your environment in just 2-3 weeks. This is a proven delivery time for us and ensures that you do not spend many weeks and months (or more) on deployment alone. Also, its’ capabilities are powerful and complement SAP B1 as it stands today, giving you more options when it comes to the clarity and customization of the data you get from your reporting. The gift of accurate data is not one that is limited to one department. It can be adopted company-wide and allow leaders and their teams to be empowered to make better-informed decisions. That is the true meaning of Business Intelligence and where your ROI comes into play.

We also offer tailored training to your users. Regardless of the user type, their level, whether it is needed for a small group or in several sessions for many people, your needs can be accommodated. This approach is bound to promote proper adoption and increase your ROI. A training plan can be devised based on our specific needs.

Want to learn more about our solution? Additional information about QuickStart for SAP Business One can be found here and you can book a demo with one of our Business Intelligence experts here today!