Dashboarding and Data Visualization for Sales Teams

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on July 16,2021

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Reports are a great way to show and share data with different individuals and departments within your organization. The data is there, well organized, and relevant to certain tasks and decisions. But what about dashboards? Dashboards are not just useful for data visualization; they are also great for your sales teams when it comes to convenience and informed decision-making, driving performance across your sales department, and more.

Ease of use

Dashboards are not only easy to use when it comes to consuming data, they are also easy to create. Our solution, QuickStart for SAP B1 leverages IBM’s reputable and robust Cognos Planning and Analytics tools. Dashboards are great when it comes to communicating insightful information in a clear, visual, and effective manner. Whether your sales reps need to visualize data about their performance and metrics or other insights that can help them serve their clients better, dashboards are very powerful. Your teams can be trained not only to use dashboards but also to create the ones they need. This allows them to work in a smarter way and uncover valuable insights.


On-the-go account management

Sales Representatives, Executives, and Managers have been working away from their desks more and more over the years. Whether they are at a client meeting, on the road, or working from home, dashboards facilitate data visualization in a flexible and on-the-go work environment. Continued access to accurate data is essential. QuickStart for SAP B1 allows you to master dashboarding capabilities from a desktop or laptop, but access to your data from the mobile app during a busy day is a valuable additional feature.


Take prompt and proactive action based on valuable insights

Sales Dashboards are not static. They are dynamic, interactive, and sharable tools that can drive performance for individuals and sales teams within your organization. Armed with accurate data, many people who are involved in decision-making at an executive or other levels can do so in a quick and informed manner.


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