Are Spreadsheets Obsolete for Data Management?

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on January 31,2022

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If you are still using spreadsheets to manage your stock, report on financials, build budgets, and do other important tasks, you could be using better tools. Implementing Business Intelligence tools such as our QuickStart for SAP B1 solution, allows companies to perform these tasks, and more, with great ease.

Members of your organization will be able to work smarter and quicker. Instead of spending time creating reports and dashboards, that process will be automated, saving you time and money, and you will be able to use the data uncovered to your advantage. Discovering trends and getting the chance to visualize performance in many areas will be a game-changer.

Getting visibility on what is truly happening in your company, will allow your teams to work collaboratively and with accountability.

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