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Accounts Payable

New Video: Activate the Accounts Payable module for SAPB1 by QuickStart from NewIntelligence

We are always excited to share new solutions for the SAP Business One community. When our clients have a challenge we take great pride to develop new modules – bringing simplicity and efficiency to the way reporting and dashboarding is done. And we are continuously building new add-ons that can seamlessly and effectively integrate with […]

Explore the Solution-Driven Add-on Modules available with QuickStart for SAP Business One

At NewIntelligence, we’ve created our QuickStart solution to help our SAP Business One customers get more from their reporting, dashboarding, and planning.  We’ve created approximately 20 pre-built modules based on best practices, with powerful analytics tools from IBM Cognos to deliver a self-service solution unlike any other. Operations starts with 4 base modules: Quotations, Orders, Invoicing, […]

NewIntelligence QuickStart for Reporting and Dashboarding for SAP Business One delivers an impactful, cost-effective solution that adds value to businesses.

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