Sales Leaders: Find Out How Business Intelligence Can Benefit You and Your Team

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on June 30,2021

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Ever wonder how Business Intelligence tools could benefit your sales teams and multiply success and profitability for your company?

Good sales teams are usually filled with dedicated Account Executives and Sales Managers who work together to create and maintain a healthy funnel. Having a vastly adopted and well-oiled CRM “machine” in place offers transparency and access to client history and data that is beneficial to sales, yes, but also cross-departmentally utilized to maximize understanding and profit.  This approach has yielded great success for countless companies over the years. What if your sales team could go from good to great with the use of BI software that expands on the customer data? This is not only possible but has also proven to make teams more efficient and maximized growth for organizations in various ways. Here are 2 reasons why your sales teams should make use of BI tools such as QuickStart for SAP B1:

1. Business Intelligence Software Will Help You Be a Better Sales Leader

The use of BI software often means transparency on very specific information for Sales Leaders. Such tools offer information on your team’s activities and the direct impact their productivity has on your overall numbers. Insights you can get from BI offer visibility on industry trends, your prospects’ habits and needs. When it comes to your clients, inventory management and other predictive analytics can help with their overall satisfaction and retention over time. Some of these advantages are further detailed in this blog post. Aside from understanding how productivity affects your numbers, BI tools can help you grow with your team members in other ways. Leveraging accurate data gives enough clarity to avoid micromanagement, and helps you coach your sales executives in an efficient manner. BI tools allow Sales Leaders to understand their teams, understand their clients and allows for better, faster and well-informed decisions.

2. Empower Your Team

Beyond measuring sales metrics and having visibility on productivity, your team can be empowered to use BI tools for themselves. NewIntelligence’s QuickStart for SAP B1 is designed for simplicity and ease of use. This means that paired with the data you extract from SAP Business One, your team can learn to use Reports and Dashboards in ways that work for them and will give them a better understanding their clients and uncover prospects and opportunities. Accountability and ownership is key here, and will allow you to share skills that will allow sales executives to work smarter. They can create and customize reports. These reports can be scheduled and delivered directly to your inbox. This will in turn give you more time for other projects and manegerial tasks and decisions. Creating a data-driven culture within your teams will help you run a smarter business and have cross-departmental benefits.