QuickStart for SAP B1 Offers a Holistic Approach to Organizations

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on May 19,2022

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When SMB companies expand beyond obvious visibility for decision-makers, the proper tools must be put in place in order for departments to communicate effectively and understand each other. This should go beyond department heads presenting their reports in weekly meetings or quarterly reviews. An unbiased and human-error-proof look at data serves an organization best and provides proper and actionable information.

This is where Business Intelligence tools such as QuickStart for SAP B1 come into play. QuickStart is a Reporting and Dashboarding solution, but it does not replace what companies typically have in place. For example, QuickStart is the perfect addition for organizations that run SAP Business One. It acts as an add-on, plugging into your existing infrastructure to make the very best of your data.

If you are wondering who QuickStart is for, it can be deployed with your company’s needs in mind. This is why we have made the solution so customizable. If you have identified that you need better visibility on your inventory management and forecasting, a module such as our latest Demand Forecasting in Inventory Management would be great for you. It allows customers to hold the right about of stock, avoid over-stocking, avoid under-stocking and maintain optimal inventory control.

This is just one example of one area QuickStart can be applied to, but a holistic approach to data management can only be beneficial to a company as a whole. This is why NewIntelligence continues to expand its array of modules based on real client pain points. Different QuickStart bundles are available today including QuickStart for Operations, QuickStart for Finance, and additional modules which have helped many clients in various fields.
The office of finance is generally one that benefits most from all that QuickStart offers and that is generally a great place to start, but once people see and understand the power of organizing and automating your data with Business Intelligence, they generally expand its use to other departments. This is easy to do considering its ease of use and the training services we offer to any users whether they are beginners or more advanced.

So, how can QuickStart for SAP B1 help your company grow? Contact us for a free and commitment-free consultation today!