Eliminate Growth Challenges with Business Intelligence

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on September 29,2021

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Many companies experience growth challenges when they do not have full visibility of their data. These gaps can prevent some from understanding how their company is truly performing in several areas, including, but not exclusive to, Operations and Finance. This inevitably hinders leaders when they need to make important and data-informed decisions. This issue then trickles down to their teams, who are not empowered to operate with ownership and strategy.  

We at NewIntelligence have had the opportunity to work with many companies who needed the Business Intelligence capabilities to complement their existing SAP Business One platform. This is where our QuickStart for SAP B1 solution steps in. Built on IBM Cognos Analytics QuickStart has helped many clients in solving reporting issues and optimizing the following areas:

  •  Data Integrity

The importance of data integrity generally matters to all companies but in different ways. An example of a company’s goal in achieving data integrity could be to get a better look into supply chain processes.


  •   Reporting Efficiency

Improving reporting efficiency can give management teams the confidence to make better and faster decisions based on trustworthy data.


  •   Self-Service

NewIntelligence’s goal is to empower as many users as possible to not only use QuickStart but also innovate and create reports and dashboards that suit their specific needs.


Our proprietary solution has allowed us to help companies across varied verticals, accomplish more with customized and scalable access to data. Partnering with NewIntelligence means fast installation, better reporting, and dashboarding, but most importantly, it means reaping the growth benefits of the proper implementation and adoption of Business Intelligence.