5 Reasons to Choose QuickStart by NewIntelligence

Posted by Corey Mendelsohn on March 26,2021

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1. Developed with the SAP B1 User in Mind

QuickStart was not only made with our clients in mind, but the creation of its functionalities was also directly informed by client feedback. Over the years, NewIntelligence has developed great communication and transparency with clients when it comes to their pain points. This innovative approach has allowed us to address issues head-on and release many modules such as:




Short Ship


GL Financial

Sales Budgeting



2. An Add-On to SAP B1

QuickStart works for you as an add-on you can plug into SAP B1. Regardless of who your ERP provider is, if you are already running SAP B1, we can implement QuickStart in your environment and help you make the most out of your data. Working with QuickStart allows you to centralize data from various departments, customize and automate its delivery to concerned parties within your organization. This allows everyone to have one version of the truth with accurate and insightful data.


3. Customizable and easy to use

Reports and dashboards are easy to customize, depending on your needs and who might need specific information within your company.

Watch this demo to see how you can create a dashboard in QuickStart in just a few steps.

Learn More in this Video Demo


4. Affordable

QuickStart is available for as little as $399/month*. This can be billed monthly with a 12-month term.


5. Fast Deployment

QuickStart can be deployed in just 2-3 weeks. Reach out to us for a free demo and an initial conversation regarding your needs and your environment.


(* + one-time installation fee)